Ski Holiday Three Valleys Skiing App

The Perfect App Companions for your Three Valleys Ski Holiday

If you are heading to the French Alps this winter, then downloading a skiing app to have with you on the mountains is a must!  Epecially if you are heading for a large ski area like the Three Valleys for your ski holiday.  We have taken the time to have a look at two current apps on the market so you can choose which features are best suited for you.  One is for those who love to see their statistics…

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Trekking with ski equipment

To buy or not to buy? That is the question!

One of those key questions that’s on most first time skiers lips is whether they should rent ski equipment, or buy their own.  This question also comes up with regular skiers who have been skiing a few times! Almost everyone rents their ski equipment during those first few times on the slopes, but as time goes on and their passion grows, they gain knowledge about the brands.  Most people’s first purchase is ski boots and it grows from there.  But,…

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