2018/19 Winter Season Snow Predictions

No we can’t predict the snow conditions but our Operations Manager has a pretty good feeling about this winter… 

October Snow Fall 

First October Snow 2018 in the Alps

My social media is flooded with images if the fresh snow currently falling across the Alps.  Preparations for the up and coming season have been underway for months. Autumn has started to give way to winter conditions and the key dates have suddenly crept up close…

  • 7th November – Resort Managers, Support Couples, Administration and Maintenance arrive in the mountains to start their training.
  • 12th November – Support couples, Admin and Maintenance arrive in resort
  • 26th November – Our team of chalet hosts arrive to start their 3 week training programme
  • 15th December – First guests arrive and the season begins!

We prepare for everything we can at Ski Amis. The menu has been revised (check out last years menu here!), new chalet wines have been added to our selection. Plus new wines, beers and cider on our upgrade package (watch this space for more information soon!).  We have even had an overhaul of our staff training procedures this year. There is just one thing we have no control over, the snow. 

Four Seasons in…

I’ve completed four seasons in France with Ski Amis. Every season has varied hugely with the skiing conditions.  We are lucky enough to operate in two fantastic ski areas. These areas get you as close as you can to a snow guarantee in Europe!

Three Valleys: 2,300 snow canons that cover over 50% of the ski area

Paradiski: 808 snow canons, that’s 261km2 of artificial snow

A Word from the Locals

I’ve learnt that when you are out in resort there seem to be two groups of people you can trust for reliable snowfall predictions. The local snow patrol and the local instructors. I am lucky enough to share a home with one of these weather guru’s.  I have lost count of the number of times a conversation over dinner has gone one of two ways:

Conversation One

Me: “Oh, I’ve hear we are getting a huge dump this week.” 

Local Instructor: “Where did you hear that?  We will get a sprinkling.”

Conversation Two

Local Instructor: “You’ve prepared for the snow right?  It will snow down to 600m, the valley will be a mess.”

Me: “Er….” (Followed up with a big reschedule of resort planning)

Over the seasons this information has proven to be extremely useful. In short, he’s been right more times than he’s wrong.  So today I asked for a season prediction. Is it going to be a good year for snow? 

The response… “I’m not sure. I’ve not been counting the layers on the onions…”

Mother Nature

Turns out there is a huge amount of hints from Mother Nature if we are in for a good season.  Now normally I’d roll my eyes. But last year the word from the locals was that we were in for a bumper season. The clue: the mice had tried to move inside early.  Whilst I didn’t particularly enjoy keeping them outside. This prediction turned out to be spot on. The best winter for many years. 

Since our conversation I’ve been researching these old wives theories. I am pleased to report that an abundance of acorns and a large amount of wasps brings the promise of a cold winter. 


Our Sales team where in France just two weeks ago. Our last lunch together was under an oak tree. The ground carpeted with acorns and the constant harassment of wasps… So bring on a snow filled season!

See you soon!

Jenni – Operations Manager


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