Tips for your First Family Ski Holiday

Happy Children = Happy parents, right? Tips and tricks for your first family ski holiday…

If you have always enjoyed your ski holidays, yet the over-whelming thought of bringing your young family on their first family ski holiday is filling you and your partner with dread, then please do not fear as it really doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think!

Packing and Organising

First thing’s first; don’t pack last minute! Eeek, packing the night before you are due to leave is a recipe for disaster in itself, you will be sure to leave something behind and yes while most of those forgotten items can be purchased in resort… we all know mountain prices can be eye-wateringly expensive!

Buying the Gear

Kitting the kids out; borrow! A simple resolution to avoid spending shed loads of money on kit that will only fit your little bean sprouts for the first couple of years, if that! Unfortunately, we know it isn’t always that easy to be able to borrow from relatives or friends, so if you do have to venture out to buy something then do be sure not to scrimp on quality – kids being too cold means you will be in for guaranteed whinging! Simply eBay the kit (if still in good nick!) when they no longer fit in it to earn back some of the pennies!

Spares; the holy grail of nailing parenthood – always have a spare! Until the spare gets soiled, then you are stuffed! But this definitely goes for ski holidays to, take a spare pair of gloves and socks out in your rucksack in case frolicking in the snow leaves them cold and wet and in need of a change to keep them warm.

Keep your Energy levels up

Sugary snacks; the one time it’s probably ok to give the kids an intentional boost with pure sugary goodness! As you know, skiing is a high energy consuming sport, and for first timers and little legs they will probably dwindle behind without the help of a bit of choccy or Haribo. Before you go, buy a multipack of chocolate bars or small packs of Haribo to pop into their pockets each day for a little energy boost on the slopes.

Trips and Falls

Let them know that they WILL fall over, and it’s ok! Kids will naturally want to give up if they think they aren’t getting the hang of it after one day on the nursery slopes. We all know that perseverance is the key and if you pre-warn them that they are going to fall over they won’t feel as disheartened when they actually do take a tumble!

Keeping track of belongings

Label everything with a sharpie pen – a genius creation that might save your bacon! There is a huge chance that if you are in shared accommodation there will be other sprogs as well as yours with similar if not the same ski wear – to avoid mix ups, mark everything with initials and take the pen with you in case you have forgotten to mark something!

No Outdoor Shoes

Bring slippers; most chalet companies do not allow outdoor shoes to be worn inside the chalet at all, so to avoid your children constantly skidding across the wooden floors like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, bring some indoor shoes!

Ski Lessons for the Children

And last but very not least, pre-book lessons! I cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure to book your children’s ski lessons in advance, especially if you are travelling on a peak week. You will be disappointed if you miss out on your preferred time slots, and once they are gone they are gone!

Half Term Prices

Going on a family ski holiday can also be very expensive if you have no choice but to go during the school holidays. Try booking somewhere that has the option of a family room (so you don’t have to pay adult prices for the kids!) and catered chalets or hotels are a great choice – as the food is all included! The other alternative is to go self-catered and pop to the local shop so you can cook the dinner most nights and only visit the expensive mountain restaurants a few times.

We are also offering a great discount for the whole month of August if you book Easter Half term – Kids go FREE – or book for February half term with 15% off the price! See our Ski Deals Page for more details.

All in all, I hope the above tips help with making your life a little easier and an all-round enjoyable (not too expensive) experience! You have to have a family ski holiday once or twice while the kids are young, right?!

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