The Perfect App Companions for your Three Valleys Ski Holiday

If you are heading to the French Alps this winter, then downloading a skiing app to have with you on the mountains is a must!  Epecially if you are heading for a large ski area like the Three Valleys for your ski holiday.  We have taken the time to have a look at two current apps on the market so you can choose which features are best suited for you.  One is for those who love to see their statistics and one for the people that love the social side of skiing.

Ski Tracks – The Statistics Companion for your ski holiday in the Three Valleys

‘The Ultimate Ski Computer’ is on the market at only 99p and has up to 14 hours of battery life. You can track everyday on the powder, compete with friends and see what runs you’ve completed throughout your whole ski holiday across the Three Valleys. Simply keep your phone in your pocket and Ski Tracks will do all the work for you.


  • Hands-free – You really can keep it in your pocket all day Ski Holiday Three Valleys Skiing Appwhilst you ski, unless you want to use the camera feature. The app even knows when you are on a chairlift!  This means it starts and ends your runs automatically, logging them individually. If you are lucky enough to have an Apple Watch or Pebble Watch, you can even monitor your statistics on the smaller screen around your wrist!
  • Statistics – This app displays your maximum speed (MPH/ kmH) and the distance you’ve covered (Mi/km).  It also tracks your maximum altitude (ft/m) and how many runs you’ve done.  It even measures the degree of the slopes whilst timing your whole day!  The app comes complete with graphs, breakdowns and averages. It even tells you how far you’ve ridden the Three Valleys on the lifts. Not only does it give you averages but it also breaks it down run by run to make is easily comparable to previous days and differing runs.
  • Sharing – With a few clicks you are able to upload your ski journey and statistics to Facebook at the end of your day and keep a complete record of your ski holiday! Email it to yourself or a friend, or maybe your Mum who still has dial up internet! Hopefully, they will update this feature soon so that you can upload to other social media platforms too!
  • Music – No need to leave the app to choose your music with the in app iPod button.
  • Camera – The in app camera allows quick access to take photos of the beautiful Three Valleys views and those important chairlift selfies!
  • Advanced Mapping – Location services and GPS on this skiing app generates satellite images.  This gives you an overview of the runs that you have completed so the next day you can try the ones you’ve missed. This way you can cover as much of The Three Valleys during your stay as you possibly can!

The overview of the day is clear and detailed.  At the end of the day you and your friends can enjoy a glass or two by the log fire whilst comparing your statistics.  You can even start competing to see who reached the fastest speed!

Snoww – for the social skier on their ski holiday!

If you love sharing updates on social media, then this free, modern skiing app is the one to choose. It’s built-in newsfeed, various challenges and friend tracking capabilities allow you to climb to the top of the mountain’s leader board.  You can check out your friends, professionals and others out on the slopes and compare your ski holiday statistics.


  • Statistics – You can record your distance, vertical drop, top speed, Ski Holiday Three Valleys Skiing Apptime and even your calories burned whilst out on the snow. It even knows if you are on skis or on a snowboard. Compare your statistics to your friends on the leader board to see who skied the fastest.  In an area like the Three Valleys, you will have plenty of opportunities to make the most of all these functions.
  • Challenges – This skiing app has a cool feature which gives you challenges to complete to earn badges throughout your ski holiday. Earn your Marathon Trophy by skiing 26.2 miles is just one day. 
  • Friends – This great feature means that you can see where your friends are on the mountains in real time.  Never get lost or lose them again! You can also create a group in the app where you can chat and view the group’s custom leaderboard.
  • iWatch – Pair the skiing app with your Apple watch to start and stop recording and view your statistics.  Here you can also have the live view of where your friends are on the slopes!
  • Healthkit – The app can also be paired with Apple Health so that the burnt calories can be counted against all the other health features on your phone. Calorie counting may come in useful if you are indulging in a 3 course meal every night!  (Quick plug here …. you DEFINITELY need this if you’re in one of our catered chalets – have you checked out the food we serve?)
  • Stickers – bored with the very few skiing and snowboard related emoji’s provided on your keyboard?  Then you’ll be happy with this recent update on Snoww – 10 cool new stickers to post all over it’s built in newsfeed!

The overall feel of this skiing app is very modern.  It’s aimed at those who love the social side of skiing and great for those of you in large groups. Families will also love this skiing app!  You can send your kids off for the day and keep an eye on their location or track their adventures across the Three Valleys whilst they are at ski school!

Which one is best for you?

Both apps are great for competitive skiers, Ski Tracks focuses on the statistics and Snoww is for those that love to share their experiences. This blog post has made me eager to hit the slopes and try them out for myself!  It it’s had the same effect on you then give our friendly sales team a call, grab a great deal and book your catered chalet in the Three Valleys today! If you’ve already booked and you can’t wait until your next ski holiday, download the Powder Alpine Simulator App to digitally weave in and out of the trees on the mountains! And don’t forget to let us know how highly you rate these apps when you’re out in the Alps!

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