Our catered chalet menu has had an upgrade and it looks delicious!

Whilst everyone has been busy enjoying their summer holidays, our staff at Ski Amis have been working hard. They have perfected our new catered chalet menu for the 2017-2018 season! We’ve kept some of our personal favourites, your favourites and added some great new dishes, which we’re sure you will love. Every year we listen to our customers to come up with a refreshing new menu plan that does not disappoint. Our UK staff have tried and tested the new dishes and each night topped the night before! You will not go hungry on a Ski Amis catered chalet holiday, we aim for leftovers – or we can’t be sure you’ve had enough to eat!

The Method behind our Catered Chalet Food

Some catered chalet companies allow their chalet staff to choose their own menu, at Ski Amis our menu is set. Our staff know the dishes inside out and can cook them to perfection throughout the whole season. Our hosts are put to the test before the season starts with a lengthy training programme including our cookery school. We ensure that the standards are high, right from the first week of the season for our early bird customers.

The Traditional Breakfast

Wake up to freshly brewed tea and coffee or choose orange juice while we prepare your traditional English Breakfast to order. When we say traditional English breakfast, we mean it!  Back bacon and Heinz Baked Beans are imported from the UK together with traditional Irish sausages which are hand-made by an Irish butcher locally.  You can also choose mushrooms, tomatoes, fried bread or toast.  If you fancy scrambled egg one day but poached on the next, not a problem as we cook your eggs to order! We also provide a few more healthy options for those who prefer a lighter breakfast. Porridge, fruit, natural yogurt and cereals are available every morning. We source our bread from the same suppliers as the local bakeries – then we bake it freshly in your catered chalet every day. This means it is always warm, fresh and ready to plaster with our array of jams and spreads. If you decide to go for a premium catered chalet then you’ll also get the choice of freshly baked croissants!

The Ski Amis Afternoon Tea

No need to break the bank for lunch out on the slopes. Your breakfast will keep you going until you return to your catered chalet for afternoon of tea, coffee and CAKE! Not to forget, more freshly baked bread, spreads, jams and fruit! Indulge in our White Chocolate and Raspberry tray bake or our Lemon Drizzle cake – but if you are more of a chocoholic I bet you’ll love our Cinnamon Nutella cake or our Brownies which are raved about by every one of our guests!

Your Catered Chalet Dinner

With our standard catered chalet service you can enjoy a three course meal 6 nights of the week. We include unlimited bottled wine during the meal and coffee or tea after your dessert. If you choose a premium catered chalet you can enjoy the extra indulgence of pre-dinner drinks, canapes, after dinner liqueurs, coffee and chocolates, PLUS an extra course of cheese!

Some of our new dishes are Deep Fried Brie, Shakshuka, Mustard Stuffed Chicken Breast and Home-Made Beef Cannelloni.  Our new desserts include a White Chocolate Mint Mousse and Caramel, Ginger and Raspberry Lighthouses.  Sounds nice right?  

Fancy more to Drink?

Throughout your evening meal you can choose from red, white and rose wine, specially picked to complement our dishes.  However, if you fancy a bit more to drink of an evening you can upgrade your catered chalet experience. Pre-order wine, champagne and beer from our wide selection! Our beer packs are new for the 2017-2018 season – check out this blog post for the details on the new choice of craft beers.  In each catered chalet we also have our fully stocked minibar which consists of Kronenburg beer, soft drinks and snacks. You can also purchase extra bottles of the table wine from our standard list at only €7.50!

Special dietary requirements?

If you have any Dietary Requirements, don’t panic, we won’t let you starve!  We can cater for all types of special dietary requirements. We do ask for a small supplement for some of them to cover the additional costs and complexity.

  • Adult meals for children under 13 who have paid a child price – £100 (children must then eat at the adult meal time)
  • Vegetarian, no red meat, no fish, no pork, no lamb – free of charge
  • Diabetic – £10 supplement
  • Gluten free – £20 supplement
  • Dairy free – £20 supplement
  • Vegan (Dairy Free Vegetarian) – £25 supplement
  • No alcohol – we provide non-alcoholic drink alternatives with the evening meal for the person who does not drink.  This is free of charge but you need to let us know your choice from our non-alcoholic list in advance (so we can ensure there are sufficient supplies of your preferred drink in the chalet for you)

6 days? What do we do on the 7th Day?

In the middle of the week, your chalet couple will have a day off to rest and enjoy the mountains. But don’t worry, you’ll still get a buffet breakfast and afternoon tea! Another chalet host or your resort manager provides this, we don’t leave you to fend for yourself.  They will be on hand to clear up for you and answer any questions you may have that day.

In the evening, you will have the chance to venture out into resort to taste the local gastronomy on offer. You will find the menus of all the local restaurants in your catered chalet welcome book and the chalet hosts can pre-book your table for you. There are some great choices to choose from in each resort including some Michelin star restaurants!  You can even try some traditional French dishes such as Raclette – there will be something to please all of your party!

Feeling Hungry Yet?

If you haven’t experienced a Ski Amis Catered Chalet Ski Holiday yet and this blog has made your mouth water then take advantage of our latest offers! Our friendly sales team are now in the office 7 days a week, including weekday evenings, to answer your questions. They will find the perfect ski holiday for you.

Give us a call on 020 3411 5439 or email us – we can’t wait for you to try our new menu, we think it is great and we are sure you will too!


  1. woooww…Such a yummm menu. Every year I go for ski holidays and next year I’ll definitely plan to visit & stay here for my holidays. Cheers!

  2. Hi Claire! Thanks for the feedback.. we are currently testing some new cakes and menu items for next season – hopefully you’ll like them just as much. Hope to see you out on the slopes!

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