Craft Beer Now Available in our Catered Chalets

If you missed our post introducing new craft beer to our catered chalets for the 2017-2018 season, then don’t panic! Read on to find out more information about the new additions.  We tell you where they come from, their story and how they taste.  If you’ve already booked your holiday with us, we’ll also tell you how to add an order to your booking.  If you are still looking at your options for your ski holiday this winter, then how about looking at our chalets?  Once you’ve booked, you can experience our new beers too!

What’s do we already offer in our catered chalets?

In all our catered chalets we operate an honesty bar service.  We stock the bar with soft drinks, snacks and bottled lager at very reasonable prices. In the past the only beer we have offered is Kronenbourg 4.2% lager and our optional extra packs were only wine based.  Don’t worry, these are not disappearing!!  But, we are now improving our optional extra packages to accommodate the new craft beer.  As always our aim is to improve our client’s unforgettable catered chalet experience!

What’s new?

Alepine 5.0%

Alepine craft beer brought luxury to the slopes back in the 2015-2016 season. Alpine’s story began with a bike ride across the USA and a pit stop in Courchevel. The owner then headed back to London to embark on his new adventure developing this range of luxury mountain craft beer.  Alepline also donates 20% of their profits to three charities which help disadvantaged, terminally ill or convalescing children to use skiing to improve their life.  So support Alepine, support the children! We think this is going to be a great addition to our catered chalet experience at Ski Amis and we hope you do to! Enjoy this American Pale Ale, which is brewed in England and branded for the mountains, after a long day on the slopes.  Our suppliers described the flavour as hoppy, crisp and clean with slight notes of caramel. (Available in cases of 24 x 33cl bottles)

Fourpure 4.2%

This low ABV craft beer allows you to drink well into the evening and still get up the next day for a full day’s skiing, without too much of a headache! Inspired by the famous New York, this English brewed Session IPA from London uses Mosaic, Simcoe, Cascade and Centennial. This craft beer delivers a bold, hoppy flavour with that slight hint of fruitiness. The two brothers that own Fourpure love to travel, so we are helping their beer travel to the French Alps! This craft beer is inspired by their adventures, so why not let their beer inspire YOUR adventures and add this on to your holiday today! (Available in cases of 24 x 33cl cans)

Von Freude Just Pils 5.1%

Von Freude brewery is all about the joy, pleasure and great tastes of craft beer and the creating process.  Pils is currently the most popular craft beer in Germany so let’s start a trend in the French Alps by making it a favourite at Ski Amis! This bright and crisp beer with attitude is brewed in Hamburg, Germany and is everything you want from a Pilsner, perfect for every occasion. Its vibrant mix of red berries, citrus and passion fruit is unfiltered for a yeasty finish. (Available in cases of 24 x 33cl bottles)

We are also adding Veyrat Blonde and Veyrat ‘La Tikal’ Rousse which will be available in cases of 12 x 33cl cans or bottles. These two beers are brewed in France which will add a local taste to your catered chalet holiday in the French Alps! One pale and one amber will certainly finish off this great new collection that beer lovers will love!

Why should I add this on to my holiday?

If all of the above was not enough to convince you, then keep on reading! First of all, you can only order by the case (oh what a shame!).  But don’t worry!  If you can’t finish it all (which we would assume is unlikely) you just take it home as there is a no return policy.  You can add on these cases as part of our “extras” programme in advance of your holiday arrival date (minimum of a week – but preferably two weeks).  We’ll chill your beer and it will be ready and waiting for when you arrive.

We do also politely ask that you do not bring your own beer and wine into our chalets because we are licensed just like a pub or restaurant.  By adding your beer order onto your holiday you won’t have to think about stopping at the shop after a day on the slopes!  You can satisfy your craving for an ice cold beverage as it will already be waiting for you back at your chalet.

How do I add this to my holiday?

  1. You give our friendly sales team a call on 020 3411 5439.  Let us know you would like to order.  If you haven’t booked yet, we can tell you about our catered chalets for your holiday.  You can also email us on
  2. We will send you a form with everything that we have available and prices
  3. You fill out the form and send it back to us
  4. You make payment, we place the order
  5. We both count down the days till your holiday with Ski Amis!  We’ll chill your beer and it will be waiting for when you arrive!

Still not convinced about our new craft beer …

If you’ve already booked one of our catered chalets, then the only thing left to do is order your beer and try it!  If you are still thinking about where to take your holiday this year, then now is the time to look at our chalets and book up – so you get the chance to try out the craft beer at the same time!

Once you’ve tasted it we are sure we’ll convince you !  Remember to drink responsibly so that you can still hit the slopes the next day!