Fancy a season on the slopes? Find out everything you need to know about ski season work

Love skiing?  Fancy a season on the slopes? Ski season work as a Chalet Couple or Chalet Host in a catered chalet can be a great experience!  It can also teach you a lot of life skills and lay the foundations for a career in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Most companies offer a very basic salary – but the benefits which come along with the job are second to none!  You’ll have your accommodation provided and your food in the chalet.  Some companies also include the lift pass, equipment rental and insurance.  Other companies, like us, pay a higher basic salary with accommodation and food and you can choose to buy your other extras depending on what you need.  The prices you pay are discounted for staff.  That way, for example, if you have your own skis you will earn a bit more as you won’t need rental!

You should have your travel to resort paid for – we certainly pay for it.  As long as you finish the season, you should also get your travel home again.

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So what’s involved? Typically, you’ll work as a couple and most of the time be left alone to get on with the job.  Our managers check the chalets out several times a day to make sure you’re ok though.  Duties include preparing meals for 12-16 people, keeping the chalet clean, tidy and looking tip top and not forgetting being on hand to help and advise your guests.  Couples in our small chalets where there are only 8 guests, will also have driving and other duties.  You could also be working as a resort manager, a chef, a supervisor or in our office!

Does the role require any experience or qualifications?  Not really.  To be honest, we prefer to take people who have never done the job before!  We offer in-house training and this will cover everything you need to know.  A passion for food and knowing your way around a kitchen is all you need.  However, cooking training will be provided and we will teach you to cook our standard menu.  You also need to love your skiing of course!

The hours?  Be prepared to work 6 days a week in a kind of ‘split shift’ basis.  You work in the early morning and again in the evening.  However, the quicker you can clean the chalet and meal prep for the day, the more slope time you’ll get!  As a chalet couple on average you’ll get up to six hours skiing on most days.  Transfer days and shopping days are the exception.  However, this will only happen when you’ve got your routine button down!

Sound interesting? We are currently recruiting and have a variety of ski season work available. Visits our website form more details

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