Winter is almost here… chalet staff training about to begin

The chalets have had their make-overs and the snow has started to fall!  There are hundreds of kilos of baked beans winging their way to resort!  This can only mean one thing!  The 2017-2018 ski season is almost upon us and the chalet staff training programme is ready to go.

The new season comes hand in hand each year with a new in-resort team.  We’ve spent the summer signing up the dedicated people who are longing to spend a season in the Alps.  From Chalet Hosts, to Maintenance Staff and Chalet Couples – to Chefs, Administrators and Resort Managers!  They will all soon be heading over to France for the season.  However, before we let them loose on our guests, they will all undertake a three week intensive chalet staff training course.  This is intended to arm them with everything they need to know to help them survive the hectic ski season ahead.

So how does our chalet staff training programme work?

Our training is delivered by the Ski Amis Senior Management Team assisted by Vanilla Catering and Events.  Kit and Sally – who run the successful catering company – used to work for Ski Amis as a chalet couple many years ago.  They know very well what makes a good chalet menu!  Each year they send us their head chef – Lee – to help us train our chalet teams.

The guys will learn what it takes to run a ski chalet for five months.  Lee will train them how to cook the new menu and teach them the tricks of the trade in their kitchens.  Their training will also cover cleaning, shopping, health and safety, client care, administration, chalet maintenance and a whole list of other skills!

But it’s not all work and no play!  The team will also take part in a number of fun team building activities including our annual Boys vs Girls snow chain game.  They will learn how to fit snow chains competently and quickly – but with a bit of competition!  Watch out boys, the girls are the current reigning champions!

For us, the training is a critical part of our company ethos – and not everybody will make it through.  We have a waiting list to fill any last minute vacancies – but let’s hope this year we don’t need it!

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